The Adecco Group is the world leading provider of custom HR services. The quality services we offer reflect our accurate awareness of the Moroccan market and our in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, following 50 years of accumulated experience and knowledge, during which we have implemented modern techniques and methods of work.

We design new solutions for our clients, in order to make the processes within the field of human resources more efficient and cost-effective.

With over 31.000 employees and more than 5000 branches, in more than 60 countries, Adecco offers a wide range of human resources services, including:


Why do we use our services for recruitment?

Partner with you for a long time, we understood that your needs and requirements have evolved.

World Expert in Human Resources, in this world on the move, our ambition is to be the reference for the integration of people and the accompaniment of changes on the labor market.

Our approach

We do a deep analysis of your needs

Learning to know your company, its spirit and its objectives, that’s the beginning of our collaboration. We analyze, the position and required profiles, expressed in the form of skills and abilities needed in your activity.

We implement a variety of research channels

The database of the agency with the support of a specific computerized management software skills, direct approaches, ads press.

We identify candidates ‘aptitudes, skills and motivations: We select, evaluate, and evaluate candidates’ knowledge, personality and potential in terms of their skills. The Xpert® and Talentoday tests allow us to confirm the adequacy between the position and the individual. We monitor and evaluate the integration journey. Each of the candidates whom we consider to be close to your needs will be presented to you, both from the point of view of their professional experience and that of their personality. You will have for this a summary of his career to highlight the highlights of the course of the candidate, and our overall appreciation of his candidacy. Finally, to sustain the human investment that this recruitment represents, and to contribute to the rise of this new collaborator, we help you to successfully integrate, through regular monitoring and exchange points.

Know that:
• Our role is to advise you as soon as the profile is defined and throughout the course of the research,
• Our desire is to serve you effectively,
• Our ambition is to create a lasting and constructive partnership.

General Staffing

Why staffing?

Integrating new employees into your company in the medium term … the solution often involves a successful temporary assignment, which can lead to a professional development in your company. To succeed in this approach, we put at your service all our skills and our professionalism in recruitment.

Why choose Adecco?

Global leader in Human Resources, Adecco draws on its experience in the field, facing every day new challenges in all sectors of activity. This experience, Adecco is important in your business. Our teams support you with solutions adapted to your business.

For the proximity:

With Adecco, you have at your disposal our three agencies located in Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, El Jadida, Meknes Agadir and soon others to get closer to the best of our temporary and our customers.

For availability and responsiveness:

A team at your disposal consisting of: Recruitment specialists, administrative managers (administration and contract management), field coordinators (support for temporary workers) and sales representatives (contact and customer follow-up).

For the precision:

To allow you to quickly find the candidate who corresponds exactly to the profile you are looking for, Adecco puts the odds on your side:
• The Xpert method, an exclusive tool for identifying, evaluating and managing skills.
• Proven know-how in recruitment.
• The support of our database.

For its Prevention approach:

Adecco’s prevention approach is based on a safety management system adapted to our activity in four phases:
• to assess the risk of accidents at work,
• act to help reduce the risk of workplace accidents,
• monitor actions, measure results,
• improve our results and limit the impact of accidents.

For expertise and rigor:

To reconcile efficiency, flexibility, your agency ensures a decentralized and computerized management of your contracts, pay slips and invoice, thanks to a dedicated management software. For you, Adecco takes care of all the administrative and legal follow-up of the relations with the personnel, but also with the administrations. Our teams are regularly trained in the evolution of management and labor law.


We adapt to your environment to offer you a value-creating service.

We share with you our best practices. And, we commit ourselves to results to accompany you in the success of your projects.
Our teams are at the heart of our concerns. We promote the development of their skills and ensure their professional development.
We act as a true partner. Mobilized and involved, we are at your side throughout the project.
Our expert teams, outsourcing professions build, customized devices that meet the challenges and expectations of our customers.

Our approach allows a precise analysis of their needs (duration of the project, task to be carried out, safety issues, definition of the execution modalities, success criteria, management methods and continuous improvement plan …) and to provide a turnkey, specific and adapted solution while guaranteeing an irreproachable quality of service.

Depending on the objectives of our customers, we offer different service models: subcontracting, the service center piloted to the fixed-price service.


We take special care to articulate in a coherent way assessment, coaching and leadership training

To include them in the long term, and to involve both management and human resources. We also invite your employees to become actors in their own development
To support you, company and collaborators, in choosing the best training solutions through a selection of key programs to cover your main training needs.

Individual coaching

Coaching is part of the system-individual interaction.
The same reality can cause different reactions.
The resources are with the coachee. Coaching facilitates access.

The coachee learns to use them flexibly. He gains in efficiency and autonomy and develops his talents for a better exercise of his responsibilities.

Leadership Training

To train effectively in leadership is to succeed the combination of awareness and the contribution of know-how
◦ Awareness of one’s own role in the business, its impact on others for the development of the
men’s performance and economic outcome
◦Knowledge of his current leadership: what are his good reflexes, those to develop?
◦ Contribution of know-how in the “right gesture”, the right technique, which will help to produce the impact and reach the
result he has set
◦Application of the necessary training so that the gesture becomes reflex for a lasting result

Outplacement, career & skills assessments

Detecting, evaluating and developing talent is an inseparable approach to understanding the keys to collective performance, in direct response to the company’s business challenges.

Individual outplacement

Lee Hecht Harrison is the brand of The Adecco Group of reference in individual coaching and career transition.

Our practice is based on the best coaching techniques, it includes a personalized learning that combines consulting, project management and training.
It is conducted by consultants-coaches with dual expertise: company and specialized consulting firm.

We accompany a person in a situation of professional transition to define a realistic and relevant professional project, capitalizing on his talents and helping him to make the best choice for the future.

Each individual coaching mission is a real project management

Assessments: Career Assessment and Skills Assessment

The career assessment is an opportunity for the beneficiary to engage in a lucid and mobilizing reflection on his professional dynamics allowing him to:
Know what he is, what he’s worth, what he wants,
◦know the internal market, even external,
◦Cover his field of vision,
◦ Become a force of proposal, actor of its future,
◦Master your professional future.

This allows you to face a range of evolution possibilities, choose from your skills, your motivations and your credibility the most profitable orientation within the company.

The purpose of the skills assessment is to enable the beneficiary to define a realistic and achievable professional project by:
◦ Taking stock of personal and professional experiences
◦Identifying his motivations, knowledge, skills, aptitudes
◦ Detecting its own potential with regard to the market
◦Making a plan of action

The skills assessment enables the company to:
◦Enhancing career management and professional mobility
◦Organize the forward planning of jobs and skills

Assessment Center

Our expertise
◦Evaluate the skills of one or more candidates through professional situations
◦Organize and animate with you an evaluation day allowing you to make a quick decision

Customized engineering

Upstream of recruitment, exchanges with your HR and operational teams to precisely analyze the skills required for the position. But also to immerse ourselves in your corporate culture, processes and values.

This phase is essential to the construction of the day to measure. The course of the day will be developed and validated with you during the engineering phase.

The success of the day also depends on the quality of the candidates present. A tailor-made pre-qualification frame will be developed according to the pre-requisites of the job.

A day of Assessment Center

4 highlights:
◦Presentation of the company and proposed positions
◦ Individual and / or collective situations
◦ Individual care
◦ Decision making

Expected benefits:
◦Construction made to measure
◦Master of recruitment timing
◦Opening to new profiles
◦ Reliability and ethics of the method

The evaluation offer for successful recruitment

To go further in assessing the skills of your candidates benefit from our expertise and our tools.

A skills assessment

Our expertise & resources
◦ Complete a semi-structured interview and objectify these 4 dimensions
◦ Recruiters trained in the use of evaluation tools in respect of candidates
◦An ethics respected by all!
◦Systematic feedback for all applicants
◦International publishers recognized

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